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College of Engineering, NTHU
2016 Summer Research Program RESULTS


Admission WITH Scholarship
Order Session First Name Last Name  School
1093 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Mohamed Sahlab Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
1100 Session I (May 9-July11) SRUJAN REDDY YARA Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani  (India)
1104 Session I (February 24-July 31) JIn Yi Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)
1115 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Ashish Salunke Anna University, Chennai  (India)
1127 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Sihan Wang Nankai University (China)
1134 Session I (May 9-July11) Apurv Maheshwari Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1176 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) RAUNAK KOHLI National Institute of Technology Allahabad
1187 Session I (May 9-July11)  Nicolas Delmas University of Limoges (France)
1188 Session I (May 9-July11)  Nino Cosenza University of Limoges (France)
1194 Session I (May 9-July11) Runzhi Ye Hunan University
1197 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Noppakod Ariyaphonphiroon King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (Thiland)
1209 Session I (May 9-July11) Rajat Arora Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1242 Session I (May 9-July11) Rushil Modi Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1246 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Ke Qingchan Beihang University
1253 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) CHEW CHYE Universiti of Malaya (Malaysia)
1265 Session I (May 9-July11) SANJAY KARKI National Institute of Technology Warangal
1304 Session I (May 9-July11) Alex Blake Case Western Reserve University
1313 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Cheng Ran Loong Universiti of Malaya (Malaysia)
1318 Session I (May 9-July11) Amarendra Singh Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1327 Session I (May 9-July11) Raunak Srivastava Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1331 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Zhihan Zhou Beihang University
1335 Session I (May 9-July11)  Arief Yudhistira Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)
1374 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Xiang Zhang Hokkaido University
1396 Session I (May 9-July11)  SALMAN KARIM University of the Punjab, Lahore
1419 Session I (May 9-July11) Arnab Manna Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1438 Session I (May 9-July11) Phei Nee Yap Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
1451 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Mengdie Chen Hunan University
1484 Session I (May 9-July11) Arpit Bansal Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1522 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) GAURI TULSULKAR Manipal Institute of Technology
1618 Session I (May 9-July11) Akanksha Puwar Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1626 Session I (May 9-July11) aditi malpani Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1633 Session I (May 9-July11) Prayash Panda Indian Institute of Technology (India)
1640 Session I (May 9-July11) Yo-Jane Hsieh University of New Mexico
Admission WITHOUT Scholarship
1289 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Yong Shiang Teo Universiti of Malaya (Malaysia)
1642 Session II (June 20-Aug 22) Xu Han Zhejiang University (China)



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