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College of Engineering, NTHU
New Course! CoE Seminar Course selection is available during the Period from Sep.21st to Sep. 26th

Dear Students,


We are pleased to inform you College of Engineering begins a new course this semester for international students (Only for postgraduate students).

This course is in English, and it aims to provide international students with the opportunities of interdisciplinary integration in CoE related disciplines.



The syllabus:


一、課程說明(Course Description) 
1. 邀請專家學者到系演講 
Lectures by experts of various fields in CoE-related disciplines

2. 培養具備異質領域整合、溝通與協調能力之領導人才
Leadership skills in interdisciplinary integration, communication and coordination

二、指定用書(Text Books) 


四、教學方式(Teaching Method) 
每個禮拜邀請業界或是學術界的專家到系上為碩博班演講, 內容包括工院各領域的專業知識

Lectures and discussions on the professional knowledge relating to Engineering disciplines

Invited speakers to be arranged.

1. 出席率

2. 參與程度/聽講後之提問與討論

Participation, particularly post-presentation 
questions and discussion (40%) 




Students of CHE/PME/MSE/IEEM ( IEEM excluding PhD students) /BME departments choosing this seminar course are exempted from taking the compulsory seminar courses offered in their corresponding departments.


If you have any question, please contact: Alison Chen 


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