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College of Engineering, NTHU
2016 International Elite Student Camp of Advanced Manufacturing Systems at National Chung Cheng University


In this Summer, National Chung Cheng University will hold an event "2016 International Elite Student Camp of Advanced Manufacturing Systems"


The fee is For FREE!!!

All programs are in English.


More information about this event are as below:


2016 International Elite Student Camp of Advanced Manufacturing Systems


Date: 2016/07/20(Wed.)-2016/07/23(Sat.)


Place: Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm, Tainan City




How to apply: Download the Application Form and the Declaration of  Consent, and upload them through the website; or directly email to

*For Declaration of Consent, you may ask your department or supervisor for the signature.


Deadline: 2016/5/30


Topic: “Industry 4.0-Your Perspective on Innovative Manufacturing”

The forth industry revolution, termed Industry 4.0, is a concept that promotes and integrates many emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing, big data, sensors, and Cyber-Physical System (CPS), to advances future manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is a disruptiveparadigm that challenges the existing ways we define manufacturing and offers infinite possibilities to revolute manufacturing. The purpose of this competition is to give multi-disciplinary students an opportunity to explore and integrate their knowledge to define their perspective on Industry 4.0. Each team will present their creativity and innovation to show their solutions to industry 4.0, which can make manufacturing more efficient, green, and intelligent to address a broad spectrum of industrial and manufacturing challenges.


The Admission Announcement will release on June.15 on the website, we will cover all expenses if you are selected.


Contact Information:

Ms. Cindy Kuo

Tel: 05-2720411#16456



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